Amidst the unending interruption at work, I longed for a temporary escape from the suffocating battle of corporate slavery … all of a sudden, I found myself lurking in my blog. Then I remember, it has been a while since I write… View Post

The Vintage Girl Identity… Is somehow inspired/adapted from the character in the classical play; Beauty and the Beast, A Belle in a modern world. The vintage girl; an old soul, is a passionate person. Down to earth but with an air of elegance… Adventurous… View Post

It’s past 2 in the morning and I’m tucked in front of my PC staring blankly into the darkness of my four-walled bedroom, instead of grabbing my long awaited moment of finally having the chance to curl up to bed and  embrace… View Post

to balance the opposing nature of my personality and to work in harmony with the far too many subjects that triggers my curiosity. … View Post