I guess I’ll start by giving you a brief idea of who I am… and what is this for.

In our household, we have at least one box where we put all our greatest possessions, things that are precious to us, things we value the most. Things that we want to last a lifetime, that we take extra good care of and guard it with our lives.

As an individual, there is always this one place where we put all our most valuable stuff. Be it your life journal, personal diary or literary pieces that somehow relates to you, cut outs from newspapers or magazines that fascinates you. Take for example your favorite teddy bear ever since you were born, that prom dress you wear on your JS prom that makes that boy you adore finally found the courage to dance with you. That accessory your grandma gave you, the bowler’s hat, the ballerina shoes, the things that you would ought passing on to your next generation. Memories that you wouldn’t want to lose. A part of you that you want to keep and share to only the worthy.


The Vintage Box is basically a lot more like a timeline of my own story. What I do, been through, insights, beliefs, things I loved, lessons learned, life’s experiences, stuffs I’m up to and… eerr… alright. It’s all about my obsession with vintage stuffs and I meant everything about; all caps, VINTAGE! There I said it.

I remember fancying my history teacher back in high school; not that I have a romantic interest on him or something, but for being so utterly well-versed with the subject. Learning about the lives of Nero, Julius Caesar, Mark Anthony, Cleopatra; and a few others I would rather spare you their details, and their rise and fall into power. From then and there, I knew what I am… An Old Soul.

I love Variety and everything about Life interest me… [I mean everything about vintage interest me] and this blog is somehow created to balance the opposing nature of my personality and to work in harmony with the far too many subjects that triggers my curiosity. Wanting to share you the ups and downs of my own ventures and what motivates me to do what I do… the imperfections  and the challenges that comes with living in the fast lane…

Though it seems to me that the hardest part of expressing yourself in writing is… when you get to the point of trying to introduce yourself without sounding too bias or self-righteous.

The fact is, I am a lover of freedom, of independence and what I want more than anything else in this world is to have the guts and the liberty to exercise my rights as a human being regardless of the circumstances.

My need for self-expression is far greater than my need of security and comfort … Being an extreme stickler for things, who loves the crowd, with too much things stored in mind and too little time… and having a devil-may-care attitude, I can get really annoying to some.

and so I quote;

“I like my music hard and loud until my eardrums seem to explode. My coffee strong enough to keep me up all night. Work like a Dog but party until the morning light, till my heels wear out. My days full of colors and my schedules jam-packed. With too much wonderful places to see and passionate people to meet. Conversations that calls out the best within me, living life like there’s no tomorrow. Laughing my heart out. Always positive even in the heights of adversity. Playing fall out. Taking risks. Reaching high and no turning back.”