My Comfort Zone…


Amidst the unending interruption at work, I longed for a temporary escape from the suffocating battle of corporate slavery … all of a sudden, I found myself lurking in my blog.

Then I remember, it has been a while since I write my thoughts.

Having a very short attention span to everything; even to those things I loved and cared, I get easily bored and constantly looking for something that would interest me… Something that would excite me and keep my hyperactive mind occupied.

But contrary to that, after all what’s been said and done… when the adrenaline finally sets in, I always find my way back into the arms of people [and things] who; in spite of my nature – showed me kindness, patience and understanding.

My love for writing is of no difference.


I inherited my love for writing from my dad [most of my talents actually], I remember him telling me that a good writer must be a good reader. That “when you write beyond your requirement, beyond monetary compensation, only then a passion is born.” It is when writing became a reason for you to live and a reason for you to struggle and overcome life’s obstacles.

Writing has never been a paid profession for me. I don’t even consider myself having a good command of the english language; hence, I can; in all its glory, claim that I’m a storyteller.  Many of us write to express feelings, air their thoughts and some in exchange of monetary value and prestige.

But for me, writing is a comfort… my freedom of expression… my passion… though I was not [yet] given the chance to exercise it for a greater cause, I just write what’s on my mind freely without inhibitions… what I feel particularly when my emotions are intense and I can no longer tolerate it… Instead of me grabbing the person, I choose my pen and paper. Then words just keeps pouring in…

Some people tend to speak their minds and I actually admire them for having the nerve to do so… They thought I am the same because of my personality; similar to a chatterbox… but what they don’t know is, I am at my sincerest in front of a blank paper. I am not the type who would cause an embarrassment to people even though they extend the same courtesy to me. I can be loud and proud but never did I criticized nor consider myself of having the right to correct others opinions and beliefs especially when it doesn’t concern me.  I write with the hope that my deepest desires, thoughts and aspirations be heard… where my friends would come to know a part of me… appreciate my not so perfect nature.

It is not really the money that makes us write [or correct me if I’m wrong], the desire to express ourselves and the love for this gift are the main reasons why we keep on writing. No matter where our feet would take us, whatever experiences we would be faced with in the future, writing would still be our means to express our emotions, to surpass life’s challenges and to conquer the world of our own.

I write to give emphasis to my own experience.

Writing is a gift given to everyone however, not everyone could enjoy its benefits. To those who maximize this gift, writing serves as a satisfaction that is inculcated deep into their souls as it serves as the voice of their meek hearts. It serves as a never-ending desire to uncover boxed emotions and memories into the world so that everyone could truly appreciate its essence and truly understand its mystery.

Many obstacles hinder us from our passion of writing. However, these obstacles could serve as motivations for us to be able to surpass and conquer these failures.

People might say… I talk pretty much… laugh uncontrollably… care so less… and get over so quickly… But what people don’t know is the person behind the curtain, after the show, when my guards are down… I usually restrain myself from the suffocating truth, keeping a cold face to trap the emotions that is about to burst and choose to keep it inside. I hold my tongue from talking at the heat of the moment and rather save the desire to speak my mind with the help of pen and paper.

The initial reason for putting this blog is my desire to express myself. I want to keep my articles since I know I will need them in the future and I will be more than proud to show it to my next generation. The daily journals would also remind me of the notable experiences I had in my life’s journey. and people asking me why I keep on writing without the idea of getting paid? It’s for legacy… something that would remind your next generation how you have lived. How you take advantage of your resources rather than your resources taking advantage of you.

Writing had been one of the reasons why history had been kept until today. It had started and ended wars. It had comforted broken dreams. It had built relationships and friendships. It had been an outlet of angst and grief for some. It had been the spark of hope for some to continue their lives and never to give up on their failures. It had been the only witness to a person’s mind, heart, and soul.

Nowadays, people get connected with a click of the mouse. As the internet age boomed as the new century unveils, newspapers had been replaced by news websites and journals had been replaced by blogs. This transformation made a big opportunity for a bigger number of populations to earn money than before where you need to be a professional writer for you to be heard and be paid. In spite of having a broader avenue for writers to express themselves in this computer age, many are still not making good money from it but it is never a reason for them to give up this passion.

In my case, I am not paid to write… and I will never enjoy that kind of restriction.

But still; paid or not, nothing can stop us in airing our thoughts with the help of pen and paper.


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