Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Have you ever done something extreme? Do you know how it feels doing something that can actually kill you, somehow?

Bungee Jumping is an extreme sport where you jump from a ledge with your legs tied up together and a cord connected to it.

Although Dubai is not the best place to do this kind of stunt; having heard about New Zealand to be a haven of jumpers, but with someone who has limited resources, the experience is what matters.

So it’s time to put up, gear up or shut up!

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People usually associate bungee jumping to sky diving; but having had the opportunity to do both, I can say that they have a totally different adrenaline effect. In bungee jumping – you throw yourself into the air; alone. While in sky diving – you are attached to a professional diver the first time you do it; unless you further your experience professionally taking a proper diving lesson, then yes.

The jump was extremely shaped and operated by experts in this field and designed to manipulate you into successfully completing the experience.


Though I wanted to make this post as short as possible, I am rather enthralled to describe the experience in full detail and the feeling that comes with it.

So how does it feel?


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Some people think it’s just one of those crazy fads that people do for a little hype. I say NOT!

I’m a natural born thrill seeker, always trying something new and perhaps extreme is my middle name. It’s all or nothing. or we’re not talking.


As explained by my instructor; there are many different styles of jumping but the best way to jump is the swallow dive. In this jump you take a nice leap off the platform; as far as you could reached, with your arms stretched wide and soar like a bird towards the ground. By the time you reach the bottom you should be facing straight downward and the deceleration should be very smooth.

Or you may always opt for a backward fall or what they call “elevator to hell”. I wanted to try it but my instructor strongly discouraged me to do so. According to him, it will only spoil my first time experience.

It doesn’t seem too difficult, assuming you can count while in freefall. Start out with hands across your chest on the shoulder straps, and leap away from the platform backwards. It’s the safest way to go, and emotionally easier if you don’t like looking down from great heights.


The instructors will put padding around your ankles and then attach big elastic bands around them, which will in turn be attached to the actual bungee cord!

Then up we go!

I had mixed emotions while waiting for my turn that day. On our way up, I tried to distract myself by asking questions to the instructor/coach just so I could forget the smell of fear starting to build up inside me.  Then very quickly I was walked out onto the ledge. The guy with me spoke in a very matter-of-fact way , and yet I can only describe my feelings as controlled terror. Deep within, I was terrified but very functional.


Now, this is where they get very clever with the mind-control techniques. First of all, there are other jumpers on the queue and some people watching nearby plus the crew and the instructors all eyes on you.  Well hello, peer pressure!

My instructor ask me to look over and see just what kind of an audience present at that time (instruct me to wave at the camera, where the people are standing); strictly advise me to keep my cool not forget to smile because the camera guy will be taking shots all throughout [only if I want decent photos, FB/IG posts worthy pics afterwards]

See, on top of the financial commitment [knowing there are no refunds once you chicken out] you also have a serious pride commitment -there is no way you are going to back out in public… as in No Way at all!

The final thing is that it is all very quick: you look at the camera, give a wave, then have a… five, four, three, two, one countdown and…

Don’t think, just JUMP!

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Holy shiiiit! Without a second thought, I did JUMP! My body made the leap without my permission [hush! though that instructor up there did push me before I even finish counting].

I am now out and away from the platform and falling at an ever increasing rate, and I haven’t yet realized what I have done.

I see the platform; my last link to the real world, fall away from me in a way I had never imagined I would see something fall.

And I said to myself, this is far from reality. This can’t be real! I’m gonna DIE soon!


Bizarre as it may seem; even how many times I reminded myself that this is how I expect it to be, there is still an inexplicable force that surrounds the whole scene.

At first, it felt like time stopped [like in a slow motion film and before you even know it, you’re hanging in thin air upside down] Then it was just falling through the air. It is exhilarating once you are bouncing around, tossing and turning.


I was suspended in the air for a couple of minutes. My only link with the world above me is the bungee cord, and I desperately want to hold onto something stable. My eyes are wandering around; admiring the beauty that surrounds me, before the two guys finally decided to unhook me from the cords and bring me down.

edited4 (1)As I was pulled down, that tingly feeling of adrenaline rush sending thousands of volts into my body until it goes slack and the rope starts to pull me back to the real world.

Slowly fear escaped from my system and I have never felt more alive. and Yes I’m back on Earth!

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Don’t think… just JUMP!

I still couldn’t believe what just happened! I was in great awe. Alas! I did it. [another tick off my bucketlist]

Right after the jump, we then spent the rest of the day in the mall, grabbed some food, drinking coffee whilst enthusing with my sibs about how amazing the whole experience had been.

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The jump… it symbolizes your ability to take risks, to trust others and challenge yourself to be better…


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Once you’ve ascended to the cage and find yourself standing on the edge; unless you chicken out to death, you FLY because there is no other way than that. There is no turning back!

Just like what Sir Richard Branson says; “Feel the Fear, Be Afraid… and Do it anyway!”

“It’s a real deep emotional reach for most people and they have to find the strength from within themselves.” – So when you finally decide to face that fear… full details on this link Gravity Zone Dubai




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