The Faults of the Young…

The Faults of the Young…

It’s past 2 in the morning and I’m tucked in front of my PC staring blankly into the darkness of my four-walled bedroom, instead of grabbing my long awaited moment of finally having the chance to curl up to bed and  embrace the comfort of my blanket… and yes, coffee is to blame.  but not for long, words started to flow.


Somehow, we all started a journey  between one crazy encounter or just plainly out of desperation.

Aside from my obsession with vintage and stuff, I deliberately would like to share with you the most crucial, challenging but very enjoyable part of that journey…

college days

Nothing in this world is permanent, I know that. Yet sometimes it’s human nature to want more in life like others. Even more than the vast majority of people. As a kid, I used to wonder why we’re not rich like the people I get to watch from the then black and white 22 inches television of my Aunt. Growing up, being the  self-confessed daddy’s girl… I am not really into fancy clothes and girly stuffs. I would rather opt for lousy shirts, jerseys and baggy pants, pull my hair up, roll my sleeves, sit under the sun and become the total grease junk!  I would spend my whole day with my dad teaching me how to dismantle his big bike and put it all back together. I am made to believe that being all-tough, iron-fist and muscles make the cut! And yes, he trained me that way and taught me so well. I tend to stand up for that belief until such time, a sudden twist of fate…

Moving on from a devastating state; after a struggling year of taking up a pre-law course, I decided to quit and pursue what could work best for me and my family. I have been accepted to an all-girls school in Manila whilst working my way through college.

I was extremely nervous, people [students] in Manila are far different from where I came from, having been surrounded now with all the girls that I usually despise; but surprisingly, I did survive!

Slowly I emerged from being a social outcast to being the belle of the ball [or so I thought], appreciating every inch of the female species. Everything that I have envisioned changes and made me took a different path.


I am a responsible individual [clears throat], family wise. Pampering my family with earthly pleasures has always been my main objective, providing them their needs, supporting their goals and bringing food to the table.

But not when it comes to my paycheck!

During my younger years, I don’t take things seriously…  “I work hard but  I play harder!” I could spend most of my time in the office for long hours without breaks, earning my own money and loving it.

However, as soon I step out… it’s a totally different story.

The moment I’m about to receive my paycheck, saving is always out of the question.

The first thing that comes into my mind is… how I could spend all of it and enjoy while it lasts! I live for the moment… without plans of saving for the rainy days… I don’t give a sh*t with the so-called “Healthy Money Management” thingy! So what?  Who cares… I’m young!

Being young and fresh, we have all the advantage of taking risks. I can always find a better job one after the other! Just when I thought I am indispensable… at the end of the day… when it’s time to pay the bills, I’m wondering where my money’s gone. Where the heck all my hard-earned money’s gone?

and… guess what? I’m broke…and yet again! [I’m good in history by the way… that’s why I keep repeating it!) but being the typical Gemini with a “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” kind of attitude… I snapped it out of my system at once… oh, well… that’s okay, on the fortnight… not for very long, my salary will soon land in my grasp. So I’d better get right back into my workaholic mode and make my existence useful… excited with the mere thought of it, the spending habit goes on and on… I am exercising so well the prize of Independence!

On second thought, I don’t really have any difficulties with the “How to plan”… I am very well-versed with the theories of planning and managing. My problem is… Practice! I hate the labor of executing and putting that trend into action… I like the “learning part” process… or if there is someone who could do the execution for me, that would definitely be much better! “I think, you act” kind of me and you… lol

Ironically, at that time I even had a journal for my expenditure… a cash flow… like a ledger with the complete “cash in and cash out” [I’m still on the method of adapting the wonders of commands and formulas the digital world of Excel can offer –> stick with a ledger]… I track my expenses, every single penny! And that’s it… the end. period. I never bothered to review or analyze what’s written on that book. I was young and carefree and having the time of my life!  I don’t want to put more stress in my already fogged up way of life. Though I must admit, that lifestyle leaves me nothing but an empty pocket and a worn-out wallet, my only consolation is that at least there’s no sign of a debt collector shadowing my back and harassing me to settle my liabilities… it will scare the hell out of me. I actually have more debts now that I decided to save cash compared before when I never exerted an effort to stash some amount on my bank account! I’m always up to the idea of venturing into business… but lack discipline to finally start acting upon it.

And so the spending goes and paying the bills here and there became a habit… and I gladly embraced it…

Only to wake up one morning realizing that I am not enjoying my work anymore. 2 years and boredom finally strikes me. I have come up with the decision of leaving the company, entertain the thoughts of moving overseas confident that my gratuity pay and salary combined would certainly cover my expenses until I get a new job… also taking into considerations the high-rise buildings in Makati! But things didn’t go the way I planned it would be, my former company seems like delaying the process on purpose… I finally found a job, but it will take more than a month for them to release our checks along with all the requirements I still need to do… in here, there, this and that before I could claim and encash it… I was even advised to switch banks and bombarded by numerous questions that my ears are almost bleeding in agony. I could almost hear my Aunt saying… “I told you so!”

I’m doomed… I’m running out of funds, enrollment is coming, my birthday is just around the corner… I need to send money to my mom, pay the rent, and not to mention the ever-increasing price of oil and gas that I even entertained the thought of selling the car or at least trade it for a manual transmission car just so I could take the benefit of a cheaper alternative…or perhaps I could always go back to chasing the PUJ’s???…

although, frankly speaking… I wished I had more and so I could; without betraying my conscience, shop till I drop! Either way, I have to decide, by all means… and find a solution to meet ends without having the need to compromise the simple pleasures of being young…

I realized after some time that I can’t be young forever. No one is. Now, it goes without saying [but of course I will say it anyway], the lessons from the past had helped me to focus on more important things. Being the person who has a passion for almost everything and views the world as a large canvas, I’m finally taking a step towards my goals …

13287884_1203453756333017_11265094_oMy love for variety and people in all walks of life… Inspiring people and making them feel at their best, able to help them achieve what they want is what triggers my enthusiasm in creating a platform that individuals like me could benefit from.

Let’s set the Vibe and Unite our Tribe…


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